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About Tatiana S. Paunescu, D.D.S.

Dr.Tatiana dedicated her life to dentistry for over 20 years. She acquirer a body of knowledge and necessary skills. “A true professionalist is very thorough in all that what he does and Dr. Tatiana is one of them. The thorough dentist not only diagnoses the immediate problem but also might ask, for more investigation to be done in order to address your overall health so the thorough dentist would see the treatment plan thru right to the finish.” This words describe the way Dr. Tatiana works. Preoccupied by updating her knowledge in dentistry, she attend classes and presentations in continue education programs. In the same time she very preoccupied about look and appearance of her office, clean bright atmosphere, right mix of the colors and comfortable furniture increase the comfort factor of her office. It’s a inviting place where you will feel no fear for dental work.

Our Procedures

Dr. Paunescu specializes in: fillings, bonding, crowns, routine cleaning, tooth whitening, bridges, dentures, implants, root canals.